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Investment Management

Investment Motivation

AlphaPortfolios was designed for investors who want to manage their own investments utilizing modern investment strategies. As part of our full service offering we provide full discretionary investment management services to manage your portfolio, design a retirement plan and create custom investment models. Our investment management is provided by The Rockledge Group, which is a Registered Investment Advisor. For more information about The Rockledge Group, please visit Rockledge at Click here for Rockledge marketing brochure. Click here for Rockledge ADV.

Investment Philosophy

Rockledge investment advice and portfolios are designed with your individual investment needs in mind. We believe that proper asset allocation through low cost investment products can produce superior risk adjusted returns for the long term.
Our focus is on providing reasonable and meaningful returns while minimizing investment risk. We believe that each investor has his/her own individual risk tolerance and for us this is an overriding prerogative when we manage your money and provide financial advice.
We follow our own investment advice and our own retirement savings are invested in the same portfolios as yours.
We will help you manage and navigate current and future financial markets and provide safe harbor for your hard earned portfolio.

Our Goal

At Rockledge we have many years of financial experience gingerly managing and safeguarding client assets. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive financial advice that is individually suited for you and your personal situation.

  • We serve your individual needs and aspirations
  • We provide sophisticated financial advice and financial portfolios that secure your future and of your loved ones.
  • We create tailored diversified portfolios that are based on sound financial theories and proven track record

We are a fee-only wealth manager. There are no products to sell and no commissions -- we eliminate any and all conflict of interest.
If you are interested to have your account managed by our experienced investment professionals, we want to hear from you. Please Contact Us.


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